2 Gui Issues found in CMS 2.4.5


Can you check my 2 Gui issues please and try fix that please

I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 with Android 4.4.2 and the German Version of CMS

See my picture

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That’s an interesting example. Hopefully the dev’s will look into this. My similar issue is because my screen resolution is to small and I get similar results with the English version. Maybe something can be done with GUI scaling.


Hi Eric

Thank you for your answer. I will wait for an answer from a Dev for that.


Hi all,

For scaling of the buttons, we are going to fix it. but for the scaling of the words, we are pretty limited. We can try to find an alternative words (your ideas are always welcome) or we can try to decrease the font size (not a good idea in general).

So, lets look what we can do.

Best regards,

Hi Ilker

Thank you very much for your informations. Can you make the words completly visible please

With best Regards

Hi Mops,

As I said, we can try but we have limited space to show the content. We need to find shorter words/explanations in general.


Thank you very much for your new informations about it.

Into the red circle can you see that behind the green box some words please make the words completly to see