2 firewalls normal behavior for new install? [Resolved]

New user here, I installed comodo today after reading a good review in a blog. I had been using ZA prior. Well after install, comodo detects trojan.win32.patched.m. So much for spyware doctor, as it is about to be removed,shame as it was once a very good product.

Anyway, comodo said the trojan was removed but I run another package just to be sure and all looks well.

Now it looks like I am running 2 firewalls, windows and comodo. before I ■■■■■ anything up, is this normal behavior?

Thanks, fletch

(:m*)Topic Closed: PM an online mod to open if issue returns

Dont trust Comodo’s malware scanner unless you know its malware. Upload the file here. http://www.virustotal.com/

You do not need Windows Firewall on and when you installed Comodo it should have disabled Windows Firewall automaticlly. If Windows Firewall is on the simply disable it.

dont worry it didnt disable mine either, i did in manually, good to hear i did the right thing :SMLR