2 bugs.


There are a couple of bugs that I would like to report.

  1. After updating the AV database it keeps saying “Never Updated” in “Summary” section. It also says “The virus signature database in NOT up-to-date” on the status bar. This bug was there for the last few versions. It is important to know what version of virus database you have and when was it last updated. Please fix.

  2. The selection “Treat this application as email client” shows only the first time the alert popup window comes on. After that it is completely gone. It is present in Predefined Firewall Policies but not in the drop down menu in alert popup window. This bug was there for the last few versions and it was reported before. Please fix.

Same problems occur after updating CIS as well as after a clean install. Also after a clean install on a fresh Windows. Also I have both of those problems on more than one computer (same tech info for the other computers like the one below).

Tech info:

  1. Windows XP Pro SP3 (32 bit)
  2. CIS 3.12.111745.560
  3. Firewall (Custom) - Defense+ (Disabled)
  4. Admin account.


I have the same issue. Was able to resolve past updating issues and posted reolution but this has beaten me. I think i need to go back to uni as a tech i failed… Cant find any conflicts or permission issues, not blocked etc. I think i will have to leave this to the comodo tech’s. This is a very serious issue which could drive CIS USERS TO OTHER PRODUCTS.

Post removed by EricJH: The post made an out of context, and therefore needless, referral to https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/workaround_for_the_99_cpu_problem_with_the_latest_virus_db_updates-t46150.0.html

  1. A known issue that only happens after the initial update. Simply updating it makes it go away. Not a groundbreaking bug.
  2. Another known issue.

Just wait and see if they get fixed in a 3.1x branch. Don’t get your hopes up high as only maintenance updates and urgent bug fixes will be done. May be things get better in the upcoming v4; expect a first beta late December at first.