[2.7.4] Full Scan Malfunction

About halfway through a full scan, the app crashes. When this happens, the screen goes black with a spinning circle in the center of the screen which lasts for about 10 seconds before finally disappearing and directing me to the android (OS) application dashboard.

A few other behaviors I have noticed since this update are:

  • Extremely long CMS app loading times
  • When touchng the privacy advisor tab, the app rules screen takes forever to load, sometimes does not load at all and app just crashes.

Lenovo A2107a-f / 4.0.3

Hi Guys;
We are going to create a new Beta User Group. What is benefit for new Beta User Group;

1)Beta version will be OTA update through Google Play. (you don’t need to click to download link and install it. We will release beta version trough Google Play at Beta Release)
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3)The betas offer a number of new and some unique features Beta users has first priorty to get and experience it.

How To Become a new Beta User
Please click below link then send us “Join Request” our Beta User group.