- perfect upgrade... but still problem with IE8

Hi Guys,

Vadym & developers,

First, thanks for the new version
The installation of v2.7.0.24 was flawless compare to what I described in


I just ran the upgrade over the existing one, which was active during the reinstall.
It informed about the older version uninstallation and the new one was in place in no time and working in Firefox 3.5.2

Sure, since the announcement

FIXED: IE8 full support
I checked IE8 again

… and that is still not working here (no green borders)

As I’m annoyingly repeating :wink: – I don’t care much about IE because it’s not in use,
but I am ready to provide any information to developers in order to identify the cause of a problem (PM, e-mail,… etc.)

My regards

Firefox 3.5.2 has been repeatedly but nor reproducibly crashing after the update. I have had to disable the verificationengine add-on. Does Comodo want to look at the Firefox crash reports?

Hi Jim__,

I am sure that the developers will be interested if you provide the report
At the same time you may try to do a bit more in order to investigate.
There could be other add-ons and extensions that you are using contributing to the problem.

I have 31 of them and there are no crashes here for a several hours already … including rebooting PC and so on.

You may try creating new profile (see Mozilla site for instructions) where there no other add-ons/extensions and then adding just Vengine.
Or you can disable all of them in your current profile and then adding one by one.
That takes time but in many cases (from my experience) you may find one add-on/extension that causes the problem.

Definitely, the report you are having can give an answer immediately… but… “while they are sleeping” :slight_smile:
at least you can try.


Hello again Jim__ ,

Well … few hours of Fox working perfectly was not enough as I can see it now,
I am getting constant crashes and more
therefore I will create new thread soon re: the alleged problem
cause “perfect installation” and IE8 troubles should stay as a separate issue

My regards

Well i have the same problem its not working with IE 8 :frowning:

Hi OmeletGuy,

You know, I haven’t seen green borders in IE since IE7 when Vengine (!) stopped functioning there
Support Ticket from 10 May 2008 is still there “Closed” dead.

Not big deal for me personally for the reason explained regarding IE being never used… but I just really don’t like unexplained nonworking things, when they should work :wink:
Well, we’ll see


It’s been working fine for me w/IE8 (few times I use it), but after upgrading VE at home I’ve had constant crashes from FF and IE. Too tired to relate it to VE; thought I had some other issue. After eliminating possibility of other issues, I uninstalled/reinstalled FF 3.5.2, restored my profile, and I’m fine. But VE is no longer an extension, of course.

Odd thing, I’m using the same apps at work, and FF & IE work fine after VE upgrade. I have more extensions for FF there than here, and different sets on 3 different machines. No issues. Maybe I don’t have enough here at home… :smiley:

I submitted the dumps to Mozilla, but do not have them any more; I cleared out all such files after uninstalling FF, prior to reinstall. I’ll re-do VE, and see if it crashes again; then I’ll keep the dumps.


Hi Little Mac,

I’m glad to read your post … haven’t seen you for a while (probably I’m reading wrong threads ;D)

Regarding your tiredness – please have a rest :wink:

Well, as you can see initially Jim__ was first reporting the issue and my 1st reply was about no crashing issues.
That started after using the browser for hours here before the problem emerged and became quite frequent and consistent.
I did create new profile and no other add-ons except Vengine. Again it did not start crashing for a while. Something fishy is happening after sometime of use.
And sure there could be influences of different kind depending on specific environments we are using.
But it seems to me at this point that according to many similar reports
we can say with some certainty that the problem relates to VE.


Having same issues. I have been extensively troubleshooting this issue, as I REALLY like Verification Engine, and it has saved my bacon serveral times, and has a few webmasters thanking me for informing them of their SSL problems, ect.

I tried every thing in the book to get it to work without crashing the browser to no avail. I noticed once I had to re-install and repair it two times to get it to even show up on the add/remove programs applet.

I am using Vista Home Premium 64bit. The fact that I am using this operating system has not affected it before, and has run in FireFox and IE8 with an eye to watching what I am doing and keeping everything updated.

I am using the very latest version of FireFox 3.5.2 and have all updates applied to IE8 and operating system. At first the crashes were intermittent, but got more frequent, until neither browser would work at all. Trying to use SSL seemed to agravate it further. I uninstalled Google Chrome and quite a few uneeded programs to make sure there was no conflict, but still can’t get past the first authentication.

It will be well worth the wait for Comodo to fix this, and I hope they do, as this utility gives me the ability to help my clients, in a very positive way, and is just another good advertisement for Comodo products. I wouldn’t doubt a few Webmasters have been impressed as well, as they seem very appreciative when receiving error messages about their online security status.

I haven’t seen this mentioned yet so I’ll mention it here in case it helps someone find the cause. You start getting many BEX errors if you have DEP turned on as you use the browser more and the symptoms intensify.