2.4 does not install in Win2000

When i tried to install 2.4, it issued errors related to some MS DLL files, but it got recorded as installed in Control Panel. I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it but it complained that the installation program was old and asked to uninstall CFW first, as if it was still installed.

Pls advise.

More details on the problem.

Even though CFW was not listed anymore in Control Panel as installed, CFW would not reinstall and issue the following error:

You seem to be having COMODO Firewall Pro installed using older version of installer. Please go to ‘Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs’ section and uninstall Comodo Firewall.

I scanned the registry and deleted several references to Comodo. That allowed the program to start reinstallation. However, whether I slected automated or manual procedure, it issued the following error:

Problem with deleting with shortcuts. Please kindly delete the shortcuts manually. Then it rollbacks the installation and leaves the Comodo application folder empty (no shortcuts) and the references in the registry. Now the reinstallation problem is back.

Looks like instead of installation, there is partial rollback.