No Listening Ports

I have noticed this problem often (also with older versions) but under Connections, no listening connections (such as 135 and 445) are shown. Anyone else noticed this?


Windows Worm Doors Cleaner ? is it tool?where can i get it? (:NRD)

i searched this ,cannot be downloaded anywhere…

Yes. This version shows only the active traffic. If the application has correct rights and the network monitor allows incoming connections to a certain port, then it will show them too. So no passive traffic unless it is activated.

Hope this helps,

I think it would still be usefull to show these listening ports. This was one of the features that I liked in SKPF4. Plus, as these inbound connections are denied by default, it would be easy to see which network monitor rules may need to be created to allow communication.


Spot on :). I was actually going to say that myself but forgot ::). Thanks for reminding me.


Hey nice Tool, thx for link :slight_smile: