[2.4.5] Software Manager Question


I have used CMS Software Manager to backup an app which I would like to transfer from my Hudl to mobile phone. The app is visible from the Hudl (both in CMS and file manager). However, having mounted the Hudl in Ubuntu 14.04, the app folder is not visible (only comodo, backup folder is shown).

Does CMS do something so apps can only be backed/restored from/to the same device?


Hi Graham,

CMS encrypts your backups. You need to restore it before transfer.

I think I ended up moving the *.apk file out of the app folder onto the root of the sd card (using Hudl file manager). I was then able to mount the Hudl and move the file across to the mobile that way.

It would be great in CMS could backup app configuration as well as the actual app. Would that be possible?