Release [closed] downloaded and working great so far !!!

Downloaded from http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/download/setup.exe

Same here, works very well. I did have to disable on-access scanning for CAVS or the updater for the old versiion did not complete.


hello thanks you final version

This version support Windows Vista?

I have Vista installed and I want to install Comodo. I want to know if Comodo Firewall Pro is compatible with Vista i86 (32bit).

where is the close button???

No Vista will be supported in the next release (Firewall 3.0)

link mutilangue please

They have taken away that button for v2.4 (search the forum and I am sure you will find the thread* where umesh talk about this) , but the button will be back to the next version. umesh talked about v2.5, but maybe v3.0 is the next version.

What are the changes and fixes in the new release?

Argh! What’s up with the arrows on Comodo’s tray icon ??? The shield needs improvement (better before). And the Language icon on top, me no likes! :-[ It could be hidden somewhere.
That’s the graphics. No big deal, but i want to leave my opinion. The arrows can be removed?

What was improved? I’ll see if there are other posts. My guess is the logs. And i too want the close button back. I’ll wait for next version no prob. But why was it removed?

Just right mouse click on icon and disable animation.

Ah, so easy lol. Thanks, now i can breath!

So far so good! Really a masterpiece! Congrat Guys! :BNC :■■■■

but… the prompt still take 2 - 3 seconds to go away… with or without ctfmon.exe! (:SAD)

Here’s my wishlist for 2.4.17 updates (if any… ???)

1.) Password protection
2.) Rightclick context menu when managing ALL rules, like Allow, Block etc.,
3.) Able to navigate the tables using cursor keys, not just mouse…
4.) The pop-up/prompt goes away faster after responding to it…
5.) The CLOSE BUTTON, must be able to kill a bad connection when you found one, right? :THNK

Cheers again! :■■■■


Points 1 and 5 are definitely on the drawing board for the next version. Points 2, 3 and 4 are in the wishlists, so there’s a good chance they’ll sneak in as well.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Very nice job guys but (guess you haven’t had time :P):

  • you left untouched the HTML Export bug. It’s still not working correctly - no datas - with foreign languages :(.
  • you left untouched a small gui bug you can see when you want to create a new trusted zone (it’s like AllowOutRemote… etc. no space). Foreign language.

I wonder how to get the help files, any ideas?

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How good\safe is it at computer start up? I have a little know email program that definitely is not on the safe list. CPF always asks permission (launching the email program from a shortcut,browser, txt link or by whatever method).
At PC start up all necessary programs are launched using a program launcher, not using the Windows start up folder. This morning, after starting the computer, CPF asked permission for this, while the email program already showed the number of emails for all accounts. Meaning, it was able to check without allowing this first. That doesn’t sound too good…

Any news on (beta) version of 3.0? I’m looking hard for a firewall, but only some bad firewalls are running at the moment.


At startup, by default, CFP will allow outgoing connections (based on application rules), but inbound defense is always active.

If you have allowed the program permission it will be allowed access.