2.3GB C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro usual?

Even after clearing the logs, the C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro folder is 2.3GB
Is this usual?

Can I stop comodo, delete some of the files and restart it?

cisboost.sdb-wal 1.7 GB
cisboost.sdb 583 MB

cisdata.sdb 62 MB
cisdata.sdb-wal 43 MB

cisboost.sdb-shm 96 K
cislogs.sdb 80 K
cisdata.sdb-shm 32 K

Database Version 22492

Sorry you cannot deleted those files they have info. of all file list in the File rating section + other records any removal will result in a corrupt install.

The only way is to replaced them with the original files at the install of CIS or edit them at your own risk.


It’s only an issue because it’s the C: drive.
I’ll find some space to clear elsewhere.