and application database updating

I had to go back to ver. 2.3 this week because of an unanswered question and various problems such as the firewall stopping and it stating that it was initializing. Anyways, I now reinstalled 2.3 along with all my security software. My application database says its version 1.2. If I remember right when I had Comodo ver. 2.4 it said the app. database was version 3.0. I do not want to do a manual update because the last time I did my firewall updated to the 2.4 one. I also have tried ticking the box under security>advanced>misc. to allow automatic updates of the app. database with no luck so far.

Also, is there an easy place where we can check to see the latest version information and improvements of both the firewall and the database? I prefer doing manual updates of all my software.


There are no places that show updates for the certified database - the programs are intentionally hidden from public eyes for security reasons (like malware).

I understand keeping details of the application database hidden. When I open Comodo and click the about button it states that I have Comodo certified application database version 1.2. (1.) How do I know if the latest and greatest? All I need is a current database version #. Like I said, I have tried leaving the auto updater on just for the database updates. (2.) How often does Comodo auto updater check for these? (daily?)

Please don’t take it that I’m angry, but this is the 3rd time I’ve posted questions without answers to all my concerns. I do take the real-time security of my computer very seriously. I was burned once by a virus that infected many of my files and since then protecting my computer has become kind of a hobby to me. Besides that, what I learn I like to share with others that have similar problems. ;D

(1.) I wondered about this myself. The only way I know is to update to the latest version of the firewall (not database) and compare it to other users. I’ll tell you right now my database is version 3.0, so yours is obsolete. This database - is it not just the certified database and not other parts of the firewall (like file patches/bugfixes/etc.)?

(2.) I also wondered about this. I remember when I still had CPF 2.3 my database was stuck at 1.2 like yours. It seems to only update when you update the firewall. Also, aparently no one seems to know exactly when the auto-updater decides to act. Again, if it really is just the certified apps database, then you’re not losing security functionality. (This isn’t like an anti-virus where you constantly have to be updated on signatures).

Thanks for your help and the link Soyabeaner! Seems like I always ask the tough questions. I changed the permission of the application rule for cpfupdat.exe to ask. That way at least I know if it is even trying to update. Also, having Firefox as my default browser wouldn’t matter would it, since it uses IE settings?

This database - is it not just the certified database and not other parts of the firewall (like file patches/bugfixes/etc.)?

I assume so, but if the old database version has bugs and or security flaws, I would like the new version. When I manually updated Comodo from 2.3 to the newest 2.4 via the updater button, it gave me database version 3.0. Unfortunately 2.4 did not like my computer so I had to dump it.

I never use auto-updating feature for any software - my own preference. As for CFP’s updating feature, it doesn’t use any browser but it’s own file called cpfupdat.exe (in C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall). You can easily see this by conducting a simple test: just create blocked application rules for all your browsers. An even simpler method is to close all browsers and check CFP’s Connections window. If you click on the Updater, cpfupdat.exe will show up while the updater screen is still popped up.

For the curious, any updated files are temporarily saved to C:\Documents and Settings[b]User[/b]\Application Data\Comodo\PersonalFirewall\Data under those 2 sub-directories, during the download.

I agree about not using auto-updating. Does the auto-updater (only for only certified apps.) even work in version 2.3? Does Comodo even support 2.3 at all? Except for in the forums ;).

Ok, I now understand that the updater works regardless of my browser preferences. I just don’t want to press the updater button because the last time I did (on purpose) it updated to ver. 2.4 without asking about if I wanted to update the program and/or If I wanted to clean install.

I know what you mean. I wonder why the auto-updater doesn’t work solely just for one (that I selectively want) and not both at the same time. There was one time when it did ask me whether I wanted to or not update. Here’s what happened: while on the previous 2.4 version I clicked update and it downloaded all the newer 2.4 version files without prompting. The only way to stop it was to cancel the downloading process, but I didn’t so I followed through the entire procedure to reboot and upgrade. Luckily, all was smooth sailing.

So far no notifications or updates have come through so it looks like I am stuck with ver. 1.2. :-\ I also guess that nobody is coming along to clarify the details. I want to thank you soyabeaner, this is the second posted question by me that you have taken the time to at least respond and help. Your alright in my book. 8) Thanks again and maybe I’ll gather the energy soon to try a clean install of 2.4 and hope it works better than just updating through the updater.

cheers, innerpeace

No problem :). I also performed a clean install of 2.4 from 2.3. Any big version upgrades like this seems to work smoother that way.