Question about Connections window

Regarding the opera connection (see screenshot below), does 1169 (under port) refer to the source (local computer) port? The current connection looks like it is accessing the server on ports 80 (to be expected) to 1169.


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1169 is the source port while accepting replies from the remote host on port 80.

Do you plan on altering the appearance in future versions? It kind of looks strange ???. Having something like below would be clearer to read:-

Application, Source IP, Source Port, Destination IP, Destination Port, Protocol, Traffic, Action.


Yep. This is along with application rules interface will be changed in the future versions. After multi language support.

Cool 8). Will the application rules interface also include changes to how the user will be prompted for the connection attempt? (i.e being able to select the ip, protocol, port, etc).


Popups will be the same with a possible exception of adding an advanced rule creation button. By interface, i mean grouping of an applications all rules in to a single entry and providing a better rule ordering.

Why don’t you put a screenshot of what you want to see on the new cpf and put it in the wishlist!


Looking forward to this feature.


I would but unfortunately, I’ve now replaced SKPF4 with CPF on all my computers now. Basically, having something similar to SKPF4’s rule creation prompt.


Sure. It will make your life much easier while dealing with application rules.

How about creating a “custom” alert frenquency level option above “very high” instead of the additional button. This would then skip having to select the “advanced…” button and go straight to the rule creation window.



Source = own computer and destination = internet ----- In/out rule
Source = own computer and destination = internet ----- out rule
Source = internet and destination = own computer ----- in rule

This is for Network AND application rules?

cheers, rotty

Mostly this is correct, but there was a posting done in the past few days about a P2P application where the pop-up showed an incoming request as “destination”. Egemen confirmed this is was it would show and, from memory, said it would be changed when the application rule interface is changed in an upcoming version.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks

cheers, rotty