Application Monitor Window Freezing

I have noticed recently that the application monitor window takes a while to update (i.e display my rules). My alert frenquency level is set to very high so as you can imagine, I have a few rules (roughly 50+) in this window. This problem seeems to occur after editing an existing rule (i.e if adding additional ports or changing the IP address to Any). I’ve tried removing all my rules and starting again but this problems seems to re-occur each time. Is there anything I can do to correct this? I’m thinking of re-installing again but just thought I would check first.


Bump ;D.

Should note that I tested with another account and all seemed fine ???. The only difference with these accounts are that one works over a wireless network (which has the problem) and the other, on a wired network. Not sure if this would make any difference but thought I would mention it anyway.

Btw, where are the user’s settings stored? Maybe if I delete these, things will return to normal. Any ideas?


Re-installing CPF seems to have fixed the problem although I’m not sure what caused this problem to begin with.


Looks like I may have spoken too soon as the problem has now re-occured :'(. Again, the problem is with my wireless setup and I have around 50 rules. Any ideas what could be causing this?


I have since changed to the default setup and the problem is still occuring (I only have 8 rule :cry: ). Is there anything I can do? Again, this is on my wireless setup. Does this happen to anyone else?


Since there are many rules, internals calculations shuld be taking time. This cant be a case with the upcoming new application monitor interface.

What I would recommend, instead of very high verbosity alert frequency, use High.


Thanks for the reply Egemen :). I’m currently using the “low” alert frenquency level and the problem still exists. Doesn’t seem to occur on a wired connection though ???. As this shouldn’t be a problem with the new application monitor interface, I can wait :). Any idea’s on the release date of this version? I assume this will be after language support is added?


Yes. After multi language based release.