- Long boot times

Just upgraded to doing an uninstall of the old version and new install and I have noticed something strange.
When I reboot my system (XP SP2). The system hangs after launching CPF.exe for almost two minutes.
There is no cpu usage being reported against any running processes. The firewall icon says that the firewall is initializing. After that time, Comodo firewall pops up a message that it “can’t initialize the session manager Fast User switching in not supported”. I had the fast user switching service disabled and even tried enabling it with no success. If I disable CPF.exe from starting automtically, the system boots up normally (very quickly).

During this “hang” time, I can move the mouse and use CTRL, ALT,DEL to popup the task manager but I cannot acces the task bar or the start menu. and programs that normally open windows won’t open until after Comod pops up its error window.

This never happen with the earlier version of CPF which I had been running.

After starting terminal services as described in another post. The popup about fast user switching has been fixed. However, the excessive boot time delay still exists.

Second Update. I have a Tripplite UPS system which runs its monitor software as a service and its status viewing program as a regular task. If I disable the status viewing program in the startup manager, boot times are as normal. If I enable it, I get the two minute delay. I can live without the status program, but this did not happen with the older version of CPF. FYI


Ah, I am not alone with these long boot times. Just crazy.

During one bootup sequence I did see the message “Can’t initialize screen session. Fast User Switching is Not enabled.”

I have a UPS but I have never connected it to the computer for monitoring or installed any of that monitoring software, so that solution would apply to me.

This is sure the first major batch of problems I’ve experienced with Comodo and I’ve kept up with all the Betas. Did they change a bunch of stuff between the beta versions and the final version without running the changes through a beta stage? If so, then what is the point of beta testing?

Oh, I want to add, I checked these setting and they are set correctly as recommended:
As for the Fast User Switching alert…
Clcik on the Windows “Start” button, then click on “Run” and type in services.msc , press “Enter” and make sure you have “Fast User Switching” set to “Manual” and make sure “Terminal Services” is set to “Manual” and “Started”

A couple more boots like I’m experiencing now and I’m going to be forced to revert back to an earlier version.

As recommnded by whom?

I set both of mine to automatic. Fixed it.