BETA Protocol Analysis

After installing this beta and going about my business I noticed that every so often when I clicked on a link nothing happened. I had to click a second time and sometimes even a third time. Not just links on a web page but even clicking on things in an Explorer window.

Not everytime but often enough to be a PITA.

After looking around in CPF I came across the Protocol Analysis option which was enabled. As a test I disabled it and I no longer had non-responsive links. I went between enabled/disabled a few times and the problem always came back when PA was enabled.

My testing is very preliminary so I don’t want to say conclusively it is because of PA but so far I haven’t had the problem with it disabled.

Your CPF logs will show everything about protocol analysis. What do they tell?


I might have jumped the gun on this one egemen. I have PA turned on at the moment and I haven’t had any problems. Could just be my mouse acting up.

Is there much of a performance hit using PA?

Nope. Not at all. It should not cause any visible performance impact. The checksum verification however, may cause.