[2.3.293084.125] Cache Cleaner Bug

Running “Cache Cleaner” directly never seems to detect/list anything, yet if I choose “Optimize Now”, various apps are listed as being cleaned.


Phone: Orange San Francisco running 4.2.2 (CM 10.1, Konsta)

Is this a problem with my phone or anyone else experiencing this?


I’ve faced the same issue.

not only cache cleaned in the optimizer, but also the “process killer”
So, can you make sure the list with various apps come from cache cleaner or process killer?

The feature “Optimize Now” does show apps cleaned under “Cleaned cache of following apps”. Yes, “Teminated apps” is empty although it is terminating apps.


Cache Cleaner no longer works under 2.1.285438.45 using either the “Optimize Now” button or “Cache Cleaner” function. However, Process Manager seems to be working now.


I’ve PM’d the devs about this issue. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.


Nice one. Thanks.


Any news here?
cms 2.3.293084.125
clean cache doesn’t work. shows 0 apps 0 cache for cleaning

Bump ;).

Any news on this? Been over 6 months.