2.1 Question about encryption and device admin

Really liking the option of being able to encrypt
files and photos! I have a quick question: If you
were to uninstall CMS for whatever reason
would you need to decrypt those items as prior
to uninstalling? If your simply installing a fresh
version would this also be the case?

Device Administrator. In the anti-theft setup there is
the option to Remote Wipe which I always have
enabled. In other apps I’ve seen that an
application needed device admin privileges to
be able to do that. Is that not always the case?
Any plans for a web based anti-theft portal?


I haven’t had time to research this one and answer my own question yet… ; D

After some testing I can confirm that the Encryption works. It seems to be a generic encryption as I was able to uninstall, reboot, reinstall and set different password to the Private Space and still able to decrypt the previously encrypted files. That’s good if you happen to forget to decrypt your stuff but how is the encryption key set? Is it device specific?