[2.0.275481.10] Flight Mode Bug

CMS does not enter “Flight Mode” when scheduled. Although you get an alert (inc. buzz) to say that is has, it is still connected to the network. Btw, scheduled anti-virus scan works fine.


Phone: Orange San Francisco running 4.2.2 (CM 10.1, Konsta)

Edit: Same issue coming out of flight mode.

is there anyone else experiencing this issue?

I don’t use Flight mode, but can test if I see this.
Question : CMS itself won’t enter Flight mode, are you referring to putting the phone into Flight mode? How are you confirming this?


To test, I first relogged into XDA, also checked to verify the network I was connected to. Everything Ok so far.
Asked (or set) the scheduler to place my phone into Flight mode at a specified time.
I also set a scheduled time to take my phone out of Flight mode.
At the specified time, my phone entered Flight mode. I had no network connection (network provider showed ‘No Service’) and could not log into XDA.
At the second specified time, my phone was taken out of Flight mode, I again could log into XDA and I had a network connection.

So, in summary, (scheduled) Flight mode is working perfectly for my phone.

Edit 2
I tested this with both OTA data and Wifi.

Maybe your issue is with CM 10.1?

Yes, most likely an issue with my phone then (custom rom). Normally, I would get an aeroplane icon in task bar (which I didn’t) and was still able to make calls. Thanks for testing.