1st Time Success Using 'Uninstall Tool v0.3b'

Another testimony that ‘Uninstall Tool v0.3b’ did its task flawlessly.
It allowed re-installation of the latest version of Comodo Internet Security.

The CIS Installer for the re-installation of CIS failed to complete because it indicated it found a previous installation.
This was after the built-in uninstaller of the original installation indicated it successfully completed its task.
This is due to remnants of the original installation left behind by its uninstaller.
Subsquently an attempt to manually remove remaining Comodo folders and files failed.
Even a force removal of all traces (registry entries, etc.) of CIS using CrystalIdea’s ‘Uninstall Tool’ failed.

It was only after using Jacob’s ‘Uninstall Tool v0.3b’ was the re-installation of CIS successful.
It worked perfectly the first time.
It’s a joy to find someone like Jacob dedicated to helping users of Comodo products when the developer doesn’t provide a proper uninstaller that removes all traces of an installation.

Thanks Jake.

BooII I thank you for taking time and giving your feedback :slight_smile:

I’m working on a updated version (very slowly) but will be release hopefully before the year ends

If there is anyway we can improve the tool please let me know, or any issues you had using the tool.

Your Welcome BooII :SMLR

Hi Jacob. Sounds like You have done a great job. My question is (after been looking around): Where do I find this eminent uninstaller?
Best regards//Plaincollar

Hi Plaincollar,
Uninstaller Tool v0.3b
Kind regards.