1st Run of Comodo Internet Security

Ok, I finally uninstalled my Comodo Free without the AV program and installed Comodo Internet Security Complete. It was a little frustrating as programs such as this one, Firefox had to be given permission to run from the Firewall. Anyhow, over 2 1/2 hours scanning time so far with the AV portion and I have a Win 7 64bit, 4 Gigs Ram on a Dual Core 2.2 GHz AMD Turion laptop system. My system does not have a bunch of bloatware and junk running on it.

Avast would do a full scan in about 30 minutes with the first scan taking about 42 minutes so I can’t figure why Comodo is taking so long. I will update the total scan time once it is finally complete. Although I love the other features of the package I’m not sure about the AV.

Did anybody else experience a 1st time scan of this length?

Interface looks nice, I love the more advanced interface than other AV programs as it seems so much more adjustable, has lots of features but does it have this all at the expense of using up lots of system resources? I will give my verdict on the program after a few days of playing with it.


what version did you have before and what version did you install now?

4.1.150349.921 and the other was an older one. Don’t remember but it’s been scanning for over 3 1/2 hours now. Must be a really deep scan. It was going really fast for about the first 30 minutes or at least seemed to be and now it’s just crawling. So far over 655,000 files scanned.

Finally have given up with the AV part of the software. I think I’ll stick to the Firewall for now and try this again another day.

did you change any settings in the av scanner, if you change the heuristics or the max limit of the file size it will scan it will take forever.

This is one of the main reasons that I haven’t used the Comodo AV in almost a year now in that it would repeatedly hang on different files could not complete a scan even with moderate settings.


That’s exactly what it did. It hung on one file way down the scanning process. When I finally stopped the program it gave me an error and stated something about system resources. Considering I am using 28% of my 4 gigs of Ram and have a relatively new system only 6 months old I just don’t understand. I never have had any sort of error message with any programs I have run. As a matter of fact, this is the smoothest running laptop I have had. Avast Pro 5 works flawless on it and is very fast, robust and has never hung up or given me any problems. I thought I’d give the Comodo AV a shot so I could use just on program package.

Avast was off completely for the install, restart, scan and everything. I have no other AV programs or any Malware software running. I don’t know what the issue was, is. Any suggestions? Is it worth another reboot and try or am I better off just using Avast and the Comodo firewall?

I’m trying this again. I looked at the settings and changed the default file size from 20 megs to 2 megs to see what happens. I’ll update when done. If it hangs again then I will assume it is just not to be.

One problem, it wants to scan the external drive also even if it is not attached to the computer when it is booted up.

create a custom scan by going to av at the top, run a scan, create a new scan, and specify your hard drive you want scanned.

ya… comodo full scan process take really long time to finish. sometime it stuck at one file for very long time.

try scanning TuneUp Utilities 2010 folder. most of time my scan stuck there. takes more than 1 minute to scan one *.bpl file. i end up exclude tuneup folder from scanning.

If you remove all restrictions (asking it to scan every single files) it will cost you around 10 hours for about 4.5million files. Its normal.

I have a new laptop with the exact same specification. I have just done a full scan with default settings in 20 minutes which would have taken over one hour with my previous Vista machine.

Yes, I changed the settings to try and make it work but the program hangs during the scan. Trying again tonight.

I’m done trying to run the AV part of the Comodo Suite. It hangs deep into the scan every time and then once it has been hung on a file you cannot get the scan to stop. It simply will not end the scan and you are forced to do a ctrl/alt/delete to get to Task manager to stop the program. Maybe it runs better on other systems but my HP 2.2 GHz AMD Turion Dual Core, 4 Gigs Ram with Win 7 64bit either does not like the suite or the suite doesn’t like my computer. Maybe the new version when released will work for me but for now I’m going to have to stay with Avast.

On my with default settings a complete scan takes 14 minutes, but keep in mind its a new computer I don’t have much on it.

My computer is about 5 months old, dual core, 4 gigs ram and a 7200rpm HD. The AV freezes on it after about 30 minutes of scanning and I have yet to get through a complete scan as it freezes in the middle of it.

I have a 6 year old computer.Celeron 2.4 Ghz, 1.25gb XP service pack 3,160 gb HDD.Previously with Kaspersky IS 2010 I had a 6-8 hour scan.The horror.The first scan with CIS completes for 1.05 hour.I think it’s fast.Found 4 threat and cleaned.Adjust the firewall to a higher level.With one word I am very satisfied with CIS-complet