1px in top in maximized mode


The program has 1px on top of the border.
Reproduce: Install SharpEnviro DE, switch to it, open browser and smth behind it, for example Notepad++, try to click somewhere here between CD window and SharpEnviro toolbar on redline ±1px.

After click on that 1px we will be in notepad++

Normal window looks that
So, we have like no difference.

I have made reproduction video: download from attachment and look.

OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 (7601)
DE: SharpEnviro 0.8 RC3
CD: 28.1, 29.0
ScreenRes: 1920x1200
I think you do not need information like UAC and etc. because it is a graphical problem, but you can request more information.

Yours faithfully,

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Please add a complete bug report as requested in this thread.

We need to know what custom DE you are using, OS version and screen resolution so we can investigate the issue.

Tank you.

Oh. Almost forgot to include names of software and etc ;D Sorry, DEVs.
Update: I have made corrections to first post.


The issue seems to not reproduce only for applications that use the standard Windows UI. Applications with a custom UI will manifest this behavior.
The issue with Dragon’s titlebar reproduced on Chrome and Firefox when a custom browser theme is installed, Winamp, EMET 4.

An investigation made by the developers of SharpEnviro would be advisable in this case.