18.3 causes system hangs upon start

-windows 7 x64
-installed in C: drive
-administrator account
-chrome is not installed
-no UAC

when i run dragon it loads into ram but nothing happens and the windows basically hangs. i can open any application and cant even log-off or shut down. programs that are already open are working partially but can open new ones.
ctrl+alt+del doesnt work and all i can do is a hard reset.

i have tried clearing caches with ccleaner but didnt help.

it happens completely random, sometimes it opens just fine and other times this happens.


Please add a list of extensions/apps, plugins and security software you have installed.

Thank you.

adblock plus
bitdefender trafficlight
albine do not track plus

Kaspersky AV
Emsisoft AM
Comodo FW w/o defense+

google update

i havent changed my setup or addons since 18.0, the only thing changed is dragon which have been updated to 18.3 manually.

Are the drivers of your video adapter up to date?

yes they are, provided by the manufacture website.
i dont download from nvidia since i wanna make sure its compatible with my laptop.

Can you create a new shortcut and use this, this will start Dragon without extensions active, is the problem still there?

Windows 32bits
“C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe” --disable-extensions

Windows 64bits
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe” --disable-extensions

i forgot to mention, im already using:
–purge-memory-button --memory-model=low

could that be the problem?

Please try it without these options and see if that makes any difference.
Make sure to only change one thing at a time to make it easier to spot the cause.

i removed the memory-model=low and the incident hasnt happened again.
if it does i’ll update the post.

thanks for the help guys

it happened again an hour ago, did a hard reset and switched for chrome for now till i find the cause.

any ideas?


The issue did not reproduce during tests. At this point I would suggest you try Ronny’s solution if you haven’t done so already.

It might also be useful to know:

  • how much memory does Dragon use when you launch it with and without the extensions.
  • if there were any issues during or after the update.
  • if you are using the portable or non-portable version of Dragon.

Thank you for your support.