17.3 update...

I use CD in a corporate environment as my default browser. As such, I choose not to use the Comodo Secure DNS servers so I can access internal resources

So, this morning, I open my browser and attempt to access a LAN resource and the name could not be resolved. I burn 30 mins hammering on the server for an error, stopped service, etc.

Then, I get a pop-up from another software I use to monitor for software updates. CD has updated.

I instantly check the settings and discover the Secure DNS was re-enabled. Not happy.

Sure, I could tried another browser, but I had no reason to suspect a change in CD.

I have no problem with silent updates, but when the browser loads, it should tell the user it has been updated. Moreover, it needs to retain the previous settings.

This will save some unintended issues. And keep blood pressures under control.

As of this time, Dragon is set for automatic updates and still shows the 17.2 beta.


I don’t think the beta channel will update to the stable, it will update to the next beta when available.

Agree, a silent update is one, but changing settings over updates is a bug, that should not happen.