1628 installer problem

Hi, using windows xp sp2, nod32 virus, was using outpost firewall and decided to give this a go, however I cant get it to install.
I have done a search on the forum before anyone asks or suggests, I followed the faq guide and updated the windows installer even though it didnt need doing, but still cant get it to install any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance


have you tried the latest version realesed today?

Yep, just downloaded it and still same error 1628. I even stopped most processes in the task manager, disabled virus checker, the usual stuff, but still the same and this is a fairly recent instalation of windows as I only upgraded my motherboard about 5 weeks ago.
Ive never had a problem installing anything apart from this firewall, tried everything apart from a fresh instalation of windows xp, but still no joy.


You were using outpost etc you said.
Did you make sure to uninstall (and make sure its clean) all the previous installation of outpost?

Thanks for help everyone :wink:
Yes I uninstalled it corectly and also scanned the registry for traces of it and removed them, but it still wont install.
Ime sure there will be some sort of workaround for this problem, I read earlier that comodo were going to use there own installer that would fix the install and uninstall problem, maybe that will fix the problem I am having.

Thank you

Ok, in this case go to beta testers required section and there you will find a link to the beta version with a new installer. Pls note that this a beta version (still its a very solid product though). u can give that try


Thanks Melih, that did the trick, installed no problem, will let the beta crew know how it goes.

Thanks again

I have just had the same problem with not being able to install in one of my computers. This is a computer where the hard disk is still formatted as FAT32 instead of the newer NTSF format. I’m wondering if that is the problem??

Check your hard disk…see if it is formatted as FAT32.


glad it was resolved :slight_smile: