161MB after last update

Hello, after the recent update I checked program files\comodo, and the size is 161MB’s. I dont have anything installed other than the Firewall (which Im still quite happy with), but does anyone think this size is a bit excessive. Thanks in advance, Techdune :slight_smile:

Hello Clockwork, and thanks for that. Kinda thought it was a bit excssive, also reassuring to know Im not the only one who had this issue. Thanks again, Techdunce :slight_smile:

Am I being paronoid, looking for new install, but download only references XP SP2, Am using XP SP3.

Dont want to seem “picky,” just trying to avoid more problems. Is this version good enough for SP3?

You’re fine with XP SP3. The SP2 reference is a requirement. Meaning, you need at least SP2 to run CIS.

Hello HeffeD, and thanks for the reassurance. Only got this just now as it was late when I posted last night.
All’s sorted here now and thanks again to you and Clockwork for help. Techdunce :slight_smile: