16 bit dos subsystem illegal instruction?

so i got this notification up on my screen stating that the NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. i have a screen shot of it, what is it? and is it a bad thing? i mean it can not be good, but is it hurting anything/serious risk?

and yes CCleaner was running, but that was not the cause of it since it was there before it.

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Can you check what the file 2.exe in c:\Program Files\Common Files\ is about? Look up the file and submit it to Virus Total to see if it is anything bad. Also see if the Properties of the file tell us anything about its makers.

ive done a search, through the computers automated search thing and myself, and i could not find it. it occurs on startup. idk what it is or why, and can not find it. i have show hidden files and folders checked, still not there either. ???

It looks like starts with Windows and then removes its self from the disk. There are viruses who do this and live in RAM and upon close down they write its self to disk again. From what I see with a quick search on Google for 2.exe it looks like it could be some sort of trojan. One of the descriptions says its deleted as process from disk: http://www.prevx.com/filenames/X6098929270701925-X1/2.EXE.html .

Please run a scan using What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 and report back with the requested Hijack This log.

well i did the scans, none of them found anything bad. :-\

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I uploaded the HJT log to www.hijackthis.de and it came up clean.

Still thinking alone the malware track. Please download rootkit scanner gmer and see if that detects something suspect. Gmer can be downloaded here: http://www.gmer.net/ .

Also download Autoruns and look for 2.exe; remember to use the search function, that makes things easier. Beware with this tool. It finds (almost) all start up including those of Windows its self. When you find a start up disable it and reboot and see what happens. Also see if you can find the file under Program Files\Common Files.

That’s a virus from USB memory, Shared folder.
It’s one of mutated virus.
Try Kaspersky.
You will find over 30 infected files.

1.get rid of USB memory.
2.turn off any shared folders.
3.uninstall all of antivirus.
5.download and install Kaspersky 2010.(check self defense)
6.update Kaspersky.
7.get rid of internet cable.
8.change Kaspersky’s security setting to MAX.
9.run full scan.
11. rescan.
14. after delete infected files, now connect internet cable.
15.Update your Windows from MS update.(security updates)

Also you need to scan your USB memory if you have it.

Important thing.
Update Windows whenever it gives you new updates .
Use USB protection software.(there are free softwares)