15 hours to update on dial up!

After installing ***.509 I’ve been trying to update the virus defs for over 10 hours and can never finish. Those of us on dial up desperately need to be able to download the definition files outside of the program so the download can be resumed if we lose the connection.

Success! See title.

1992 called, they want their internet service back. ;D

Comodo’s aware of the problem, but I think compressing the updates would be a better solution.

It’s extremely irritating but the phone lines in my neighborhood don’t support DSL, the cable company doesn’t offer their internet service,(Though they’ve had the fiber optic cable in for many years) and there is a tower for one of the wireless services directly behind me but I’m in the shadow of the hill it sits and can’t get the signal.

did you try cable internet, or as a last resort satellite internet, I now it is more expensive but for some people, like people who live in the country that is all they can get.

As I stated above, the cable company doesn’t offer internet service in this neighborhood. Satellite might not even work if I wanted to spend the money because of the same above referenced hill. All of the services are available both further from town and closer in, they just skipped my neighborhood. Possibly because it’s largely populated by retired folks who when asked if they’re on the internet respond with “In what?”

Well to see if satellite would work you can find out just pop in your zip code: http://www.wildblue.com/ http://www.hughesnet.com/

lol, jk dude…

But compressing the file resulted in a 110 MB file shrinking to around 5 MB. Can’t beat that…

There are many homes in the same zip code that are not up against a hill so that’s not accurate. One of my close neighbors was told by the installers that satellite woudn’t work due to no line of sight.

Hi Kingsdave dial up sucks I used to use dial up for years. It was expensive pay by the minute service. I was paying errr my mom was paying up to 90 dollars(US) a month if you calculate with the phone bill together which was rarely used except for the internet.

Now I’m using cable internet, it’s unlimited and almost 10 times faster(maybe not fast enough for some but it works for me just fine). And I’m paying about 20 bucks a month for it instead of 90. I’m glad my days with dial up is now over.

I know what it is like. Some more downloading is usually a pain in the ass everytime even when it’s a 10Mb download.