[] CD crashes when facebook is re-routed to localhost

Hello Comodo team,

I recently added facebook.com and www.facebook.com to my “hosts”-file re-routing them to The entries are: facebook.com www.facebook.com

Since then, whenever I try to load a webpage that contains facebook iframes (the “like-button”), Dragon crashes when it tries to load the frame. I haven’t found any exceptions. All sites with like-buttons or similar code make Dragon crash.
Using Internet Explorer works fine. It shows a “page can’t be displayed” warning where the button would usually be loaded.

This is probably related to Comodo Secure DNS.



  • Dragon crashes and freezes with Windows opening the “Dragon doesn’t work anymore, looking for a solution” window
  • Dragon asks if I want to reload the tabs that were open before it crashed when I restart Dragon

Possible Solutions:

  • This is probably related to me using Comodo Secure DNS. I guess it routes all DNS requests coming from Dragon over the Secure DNS servers and errors occur when the server looks up


  • stable


  • None, just the standard install

OS info:

  • Windows 7 64bit on drive C
  • Dragon installed as suggested in C:/program files(x86)/Comodo
  • UAC active
  • This problem occured on both the admin account and the limited user account on my pc


Thanks in advance.