14.276 Protocol Analysis

This option now unchecked by default (Attack Detection Settings → Miscellaneous → Do protocol Analysis). Why? Is there some problems or just mistake?

BTW GUI still very slow :frowning:

That option is not checked by default on my system. It has been a source of trouble for some email programs in the past, but I believe that it has been fixed. As for the slow interface, what other security software are you running? And what Mode settings do you have CFP set to? (Firewall>Advanced>Firewall Behavior Settings and same for Defense+)

Thanks for reply. Besides CFP3 resident only Avast AV.
Firewall: Custom Policy; D+: Clean PC.
This interface slowdown was in 14.273 (beta), 276 is a little bit faster, but previous final (13.268) had no interface problems.

If you have the paid (not the free version) Avast!, you may need to tell it to ignore CFP. The paid version has real-time scanners and will likely be trying to scan CFP while CFP will be trying to prevent it. Not knowing Avast! very well, I will have to suggest that you look for “Allow/Safe/Exclude” in their help for a way to avoid scanning CFP’s processes. Those processes are protected and the scan/block sequence running repeatedly could easily be the problem. A look at Defense+>Common Tasks>View Defense+ Events should show this kind of problem.

All Avast versions has real-time scanners;) and of course my AV ignore CFP and vice versa.
I’m sure there no another guilty - problem in CFP (two latest versions) code.

If you haven’t done so already, try unchecking “Do Protocol Analysis” on the Firewall> Advanced>Attack Detection Settings>Miscellaneous tab. If there are any other boxes checked on that page, you should uncheck them since a couple of them warn about slowing performance as well.

I don’t use “Do Protocol Analysis” anymore because of high CPU usage on heavy downloads (gigabytes @ 2-5mb speed). But that doesn’t help with Comodo’s GUI slowdowns.

I mean CFP and only CFP windows (not overall system performance) which appears like as heavy homepage via old 13kb modem - borders first, background next, active text links, pictures… and so on. Sometimes when some new process is blocked by D+, I just do click on my wallpaper - on place where must be (and will be after couple seconds) “OK” button of D+ alert window - and things go further :wink:
These slowdowns appears in 273/276 versions only, and not only on my machine - there is several questions about CFP GUI over forum but no answers.

What CPU does your system have? I don’t know if that is the problem, but 64 bit processors could be the trouble? BTW, you don’t say whether you unselected all the options on the Firewall> Advanced>Attack Detection Settings>Miscellaneous tab. Would you confirm that they are not selected? I don’t think that this is the problem, just nailing down loose ends. (grasping at straws, more like)

Yes 64 bit AMD Athlon, and yes Advanced>Attack Detection Settings>Miscellaneous> no one selected.
Maybe there is some kind incompatibility with CPU but I wonder why this things happens exclusively with CFP3 GUI?

The AMD 64 bit processor was the first one supported and support for the different flavors of Intel 64 bit was added on late in the game. There were some problems that were fixed and I am guessing one of the fixes broke the AMD 64 bit GUI display. Please post a bug report with as much info about system, software and the details of the problem: https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports-b106.0/
to get them working on a fix.

ok. thanks.