Crashs permanently

I updated to the new version and always get a crash if i try to go to the settings,
a new Profile didn’t save the problem.
I’m using the portable version with enabled Comodo DNS only for the Dragon.

I hope u can help, i whant my Dragon back running :slight_smile:
btw Dragon also crashed as i tried to use some extensions

Thanks and regards

Portable version does not work for me either. Seems to be a problem for others as well.

There is a easy fix. Delete the “User Data” directory in the portable install folder . CD will recreate it on first run and it will work perfectly.

thanks and it helps :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this didn’t solve the problem for me and seemed a bit extreme as it resets everything to default, loss of bookmarks, extensions, all settings. Deleting the folder still left me with a non functioning browser stuck continually loading.

In the end I did the following to get things working again WITHOUT losing my info.

  1. Made a backup of my damaged install
  2. Downloaded Dragon and installed fresh
  3. Copied my User Data\Default folder from my original install and replaced the newly created one with it.
  4. Re-open CD and voila, back to business with all extensions, all bookmarks, all settings as you left them including skins.

I hope this helps!


not really , i’m back to crashes if i try to go to Settings…
seems theres bassicly a problem with the Portable Version?
Godd luck all settings are made and i hope i didn’t need to go there until next update.

Please check if deleting file ppGoogleNaClPluginChrome.dll in portable dragon folder fixes the problem.