[] CD crashes after being open for over a day

Hello Comodo-Team,

Apparently Comodo Dragon cannot handle sessions that last much longer than a day. I’ve had Dragon open with several tabs that i still needed to work with and left my PC on for the night. When i returned, Dragon was closed, all tabs lost (tab saving for crashes or before closing sessions might be a nice feature for future versions), without a warning or an error message. This might not be much of a big deal for most people, but i thought i’d share this problem.

What might be relevant for this issue is that my ISP renews my IP every 24 hours. I’m using Windows 7 64bit.

Thanks for helping,
- theW

Please follow the format in this post: How to Submit Bug Reports (read this if you want them fixed)

I don’t quite see how i left out any relevant information (especially since every other bug report i’ve seen in here are rather informal), but i’ll try to fill up any possible gaps:


  • Dragon crashes
  • No warnings/error messages at all, it simply isn’t there anymore when i come back to the pc
  • No messages/warnings when i restart Dragon

Possible Solutions:

  • Since there were no reports on what caused the issue, i couldn’t do anything
  • 24-hour disconnect from ISP might be related
  • I only have 1024MB RAM, maybe having too many tabs open at once caused some memory issues


  • As in the title: stable


  • None, just the standard install

OS info:

  • Windows 7 64bit on drive C
  • Dragon installed as suggested in C:/program files(x86)/Comodo
  • UAC active
  • This problem occured on both the admin account and the limited user account on my pc


  • Leave Dragon open for more than 24 hours
  • My ISP forcing a 24-hour disconnect might be related to that

The problem occured again today. Next time i have to leave my PC on at night I’ll take times.

I’m using the edit-function to not resurrect an old and solved issue. I never experienced this problem again after the update that first appeared after this bug report. Apparently, the issue is solved. Thanks!


We will investigate this issue. Meanwhile you could install this extension and save your session before leaving the computer.

Thank you for your support!