137 Updates for CAVS Database

Hi all,

I am surprised to get 137 updates today for CAVS database although last update was on January 1st, 2007. That occurred when I decided to run the update wizard manually. FYI, the auto-updating feature is enabled and running smoothly. However, I am just wondering did 100,000 viruses appear on the past three days? ;D

Note: There is a snapshot for my desktop where both CAVS main window and the update wizard are running as a proof! The image cavs-01.png is at start of the process, while cavs-02.png is after completion.



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Well we did a major update to increase our detection rate drastically :wink:

we will continue to do so :slight_smile:


Good to hear :smiley:

There was design changes in database to reduce the memory, fix some bugs and and to improve the detection. So, most of the bases files have been completely modified and hence all those bases are being downloaded.


Any further idea of when the next stable release will be? How much of an increase in the detection rate? AVG is going NON Free soon so I need to find a replacement. Avast is a little too slow on my laptop, Active Virus Shield is very very slow on my laptop and Antivir has really annoying update screens. Help!


Fingers crossed:

We should have a very stable beta next couple of weeks.

With this beta, detection should be acceptable also (not the best in the industry yet, but acceptable)

After that beta, subject all being well, few weeks after, we should have the Production release.


You’ve gotta love these guys,everyone else was nursing hangovers from New Year celebrations and here’s them working on major upgrades. :Beer (:LGH)


why didn’t anyone tell us it was the new year!!! (:NRD)


Hey Eric,

AVG isn’t actually going non-free just yet, but this is probable in the future. The nag screens you’re getting are to inform that AVG 7.1 is being discontinued on January 15th. The language used in the nag screen is (IMHO) deliberately vague and seems to imply that you will have to pay. However, AVG 7.5 is still released as freeware, but Grisoft (now majority owned by Intel and a group of partners) aren’t exactly highlighting the fact.

The download page for AVG 7.5 is


Industry whispers are that AVG Free Edition will be discontinued at the end of 2007. Good thing that CAVS2 will be released and kicking its butt by then. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen! I’m hoping the next stable release won’t be too long now… definately looking forward to the next cpf release on the 11th!

Is the beta fairly stable these days? I’d like to make a move from avg…

Hey Eric,

I’ve been running on a couple of test boxes for a coupla months now without a single issue. It’s so stable it’s getting boring. LOL.

There are a fair few pop-ups for the HIPS component, but I’d be more worried if it said nothing.

I’d don’t think it’s quite ready for prime time, but it is peeking around the curtain.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It looks to all the world that the free AVG will be phased out like you say.But it’ll be no loss for those lucky enough to be aware of CAVS,I’m predicting it’ll be the equal (at the least) of Kaspersky and NOD32 by the end of 2007. (:WIN)

Dead Right!