1355 update screws up bigtime - no way forward no way backwards

A few days ago I followed the standard CIS prompt to update, an operation I have performed many times with no glitches. Upon completion is was clear the installation was defective, so I manually downloaded 5.4.189822.1355, used the Comodo uninstall facility, and reinstalled 1355, the latest version at the time.

The result was far worse and exhibits the following symptoms:

  1. The firewall reports that the Application Agent is not running in both user and Admin accounts.
  2. I normally update from the Admin account. The firewall now takes at least 5 minutes to initialize and all apps run so slow (new behavior as of 1355) as to be nearly useless. In contradiction, the Task Manager reports low CPU usage (~5%). The user account does not exhibit this behavior.
  3. Neither the Windows “Remove/Add Software” function nor the “Revo Uninstaller” app recognize CIS as being installed. The indigenous CIS uninstall function aborts because it reports CIS is not installed.
  4. Windows can not restore to the Restore Point made 2 days prior to the CIS update, nor any others.
  5. If I follow the auto update prompt for a more current version, the update fails. The failure symptom is the “cfpupdat.exe” process using 99% of the CPU continuously and hovering the cursor over the CIS icon in the tray reports “Copying cfp.exe”. I’ve let this run for 2 to 3 hours under various conditions with no progress so I think it’s fair to say the update fails.

So. Without help from Comodo (I believe), the only remedy I think I have is a clean install of Windows. This is truly a draconian remedy for an application to impose on a user, nor is it an option that will be available to me for 2 months.

One possibility is a utility (from Comodo) that will uninstall CIS regardless of what state it is in and regardless of of what the system reports regarding its install state. Alternatively, maybe just knowing which registry key to modify so the system reports CIS as being installed might allow me to uninstall CIS (using the Revo uninstaller probably to thoroughly clean up this mess). Whatever.

So Comodo, could you please help me out on this.

OS is XP SP3, fully up to date.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, obviously something got very messed up during the installation process. Are you using any additional security applications?

Perhaps the Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products will help to remove the failed installation.

The most recent release of CIS can be found at COMODO Internet Security 5.5.195786.1383 Released!

Thanks for the tip regarding the Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products. For the moment I’m going to let this thread run a bit and see what else might turn up before running this. I’m especially interested in any contributions from Comodo although I haven’t had enough experience with this forum to know what they may elect to do. I’m going to be a bit conservative before sinking more time into this.

I run Antivir antivirus, but disabled it for the CIS install 2nd time around, that is, after the successful 1st uninstall using CIS’s facility. In the past there has never been a conflict with Antivir though, which is not to say that this was the case this time.

I’m aware of 1383, but can’t do much about it until I get 1355 off my machine.

The best way of using the cleanup tool in your situation is to run it in Windows Safe Mode. That way it can do its job best as no CIS services will be running.