131072 Infections (Not) Detected

In the last week or so 5+ machines I manage that use CIS have all shown the same bug. After their weekly scan, every one of them reports 131072 infections found. No more, no less. Always 131072. In the infections window, it is blank and shows no infections. Hit close, open the CIS Premium 10 dialog in Advanced View, and it shows 0 detected threats.

Can you provide a screenshot showing the infection count? What CIS version and OS version does this happen on? In the anti-virus event logs use no filtering for filter by date and time button, does it show any infections or is it still blank?

One of them that scanned and gave us the message today is running with database 28750 on Windows 10 Pro 64 1709 16299.192.

In View Logs, Antivirus Events, Filter by Date set to (no filtering), the window is empty.

I cannot quickly get you a screen shot, but will get one in the next day or two if it is helpful.

I installed and double checked using Malwarebytes, and it shows no infections on any of these machines.


I attached an couple of screen grabs of what I see on these machines. The 2nd one is what I see after I click “No Thanks”.


Interesting, can you attach a diagnostic report. Then enable comodo property page and right-click on any file or folder and select each of “Dump contents of the database” and “Dump statistics of the database” and attach those two saved files. Finally export and attach the active configuration. Do this on any one of the systems you observe the issue on.

Exactly the same message popped up a week ago on my screen too. I was struck so ran a full scan. No threats were found after the scan so I was relieved. Today, I got the same message and googled it so came up to this thread. It seems there is some kind of bug or something. Please investigate and consult. Thanks in advance!
The diagnostic report shows a lot of errors like these:
Error HTTP request, host: cima.security.comodo.com, code: 2ee2
Fail download telemetry config (hr=0x80072ee7)
Error HTTP request, host: download.comodo.com, code: 2ee7
Error HTTP request, host: cis.td.security.comodo.com, code: 2ee7

My case is similar but after full scan shows 2 detected threats. However can not see them in content, so no way to deal with them.

SS is in PL.
I attach a diagnostic report.

Same report here too…

Instead of just saying you have this problem can anyone provide the info requested in reply #4 above? Thanks. Also has anyone done a clean install and checked to see if it still happens?

Yes - I did a clean install and after seeing these posts, ran every scan possible. No problems or notifications at all

As an aside, I never install Geek Buddy!

I too can confirm no abnormal scan issues with a CLEAN install.

Been having this issue for a two weeks now, CIS does a background scan and find thousands of stuff, without source listing.
And the log is perfectly clean too, nothing of note in it.
Also when doing a manual full system scan it returns with 0 threats found, which puzzles me.

So either, this is some sort of odd bug or my system should be more dead than alive from all those viruses it seem to have.

My system is running 100% stable and no performance loss at all, no weird pop-ups, no bloatware, nothing strange happening at all.

Attaching screenshots of the “scan” and the log window.

Did a more indepth search of the bug forums and see that this issue has been reported before.

Will follow the recommended steps by the community(clean install of CIS).

So a clean install will fix this?

This is being looked into.

I’m getting this too. I got it again tonight, thought it was a virus. 131072 non-existent infections.
A manually started scan, Malwarebytes and Trend Housecall found nothing.

Diagnostics as requested attached.

Comodo had me send them the diagnostics in a PM. I just thought I would mention my PCs are all still having the problem (two did this yesterday), but I am now in a “wait and see” mode.


I Have the same issue, the same amount of threat(s) found, while the main window says that there are no treads found (see screenshot). When I do a new scan no threats are found. I have this issue for a few weeks now and every week I get this screen a couple of times.

None of the machines with CIS that I manage are doing this anymore. It has been a week or more since I saw this issue. I suspect they quietly rolled out a patch or database that solved the problem.