130 THOUSAND threats in scan and no viruses on the list?! :(


I am writing this post because Comodo for a few days has cyclic turns on hidden antivirus scans lasting a dozen hours. :o

The end result is always detection of at least 130,000 threats, but [b]none of them is shown on the list/b. :cry:

Because of that I can not do anything, and the only thing I can do is close the scan window. :-\

I also attach all the logs that I managed to extract from comodo. (all of that is in .rar, because I did not know how to add few files at the same time to this post)

Unfortunately, I had enabled the option of automatically removing them after a certain time, that is why there are only few of them: l

Thank you in advance for your answer

This is Poland Language, there is written:


Status: Scanning aborted
Time: 10 h 19 min 6 sec

Threats: 131072

Close, Perform Selected Actions(this button can not be used)[/b]

Team will be in touch to investigate.


Same issue has been reported by another user

Yes, we will be checking.

I am also having this exact problem as of about a week ago, even right down to the number of threats detected. I made it start a scan after it popped up this last time and even a manually started scan has the same number of threats appear but none of them are listed.

Hi Sargt,

Welcome to Comodo Forums.
We have fixed the issue. Please try our latest CIS 6704 RC and provide your feedback.

Kind Regards