$130-$150 In Less Than 1 Week

Does any professional here knows how to make $130-$150 in less then 1 week?

I have this friend who needs the money for her final exam, she also needs it before she graduates & the thought of it is eating her up & I feel really bad :cry: that she doesn’t have the money & I sure don’t have that kind of money. So if anyone can quickly find a super fast way of making that kind of money in a super fast way, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope most or all of you have the heart to help me & my friend out :slight_smile: .


Sometimes you can get more in supermarkets, malls on project-based jobs (promotions and so on). (They usually look for girls.)
I guess it depends on domain of study. I wouldn’t have the time with mine although it’s tempting. :slight_smile: