129 Language? Where is the Traditional Chinese UI?

It said now CIS support 129 language and after uninstall uninstall 4.0.138377.779 and install the Version 4.0.141842.828, I found Traditional Chinese UI is gone.

Can anyone tell me how can I have Traditional Chinese UI?
(Traditional Chinese is not Simplify Chinese. They are two different language.)

Chinese language files are translated internally by COMODO, so I guess only they can tell you wth happened. But it seems that they messed up some language files in the latest CIS update. Other user, who is Romanian, also reported issues with the translation after the last CIS update. Messed up update, how unusual for COMODO… ;D

Did you try to set language manually by changing it in:
More… → Settings → Language → Select Language

'cos all the files seem to be there. Maybe only the installer isn’t translated therefore no Traditional Chinese UI option to choose.

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Hi, fOrTy_7,

More… → Settings → Language → Select Language

Yes, I do. But I only have 16 languages in my CIS.

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I extract these from my installation. You can put them back in the translations directory for TC UI.

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Sorry for the confusion. I had installed CIS v4.0.138377.779 which I updated to version 4.0.141842.828 using built-in updater. Therefore I got the mentioned files. If I would made a clean installation then those files would be absent as in your case. It seems that some language files were removed from the installer on purpose. The release notes say that ‘CIS is now available in 16 languages’. So you need to use the files which hkjoj attached to his post. To be honest it is a weird situation. I guess that the translation itself was quite good if you were using it until now.

129 Language? Where are the 129 language UI files?

One of Comodo Member called SPeter has translated Traditional Chinese UI for V4, but it seems it disappears from the Translations folder.