1280*1024 resolution = almost can't see the alert window, how to fix this?

Any ideas? I can only see like ~20 pixels from the alert window’s left part (i can see the left side of the alert window, which is on the right side).

What happens when you drag the alert in sight? Will following alerts be on the right place again? What OS are you on? Using latest graphics drivers? Do you have multiple screen enabled by any incident?

I sometimes have something similar happening with installers. I see the right side while the left side if out of view on the left part of my screen. Or when I open Yahoo Messenger it will open Yahoo Insider on the right side with most of it outside the screen?

I am on Windows 7 with on board ATI graphics. The problem also happened with my old computer with ATI Radeon 9500 Pro graphics card.

Hey Eric, i’ll post infos tomorrow, i didn’t want to report his as bug - i thought if others got this problem as well, they’ll report it here (so not my unique problem).

Vista SP2, the pc - at work, not my home pc - got an Nvidia graphics card (8xxx something… :P), driver was updated like a month ago or so. No, i dragged the alert window back from the right to the center, clicked allow/click deny, cis doesn’t seems to remember to the last position. Maybe this is resolution-specific (or gadget problems?), i don’t know yet.

Your guesses are as good as mine…

NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS. The problem is not permanent.

Could something like AltMove do the job?

Hi brucine,

yet i can see a really smart part of the alert window and i can drag it back with the mouse - no problems with that -, what i can’t figure out, why CIS positioning most parts of the alert window out of the screen.