120 DPI issue.

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First, to moderators: please move the tread if it belongs to CIS area now.

This is kinda interface bug “with implications”.

I am working with 120 DPI setting. I know that some improvements were made in the latest v3 regarding this. There still were small & “not perfect” things concerning fonts and displaying text in CFP interface but really nothing major, so I never reported those.
But since the following relates to Alert Window and can cause confusion when making decisions, I decided to post it.
The alert shows the link so user can look up the file’s Properties, which is helpful, but sometime the line will not fit so the link at the right will look like awl.dl where it should be awl.dll (surprisingly :slight_smile: )
When you click you got “File not found” message which is very convenient during decision time.

I hope it is easy to fix.

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I am running a Compaq Presario AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor 3300+, 2411MHz/1.93 GBs RAM, running Windows Xp Home, SP3., with IE7

A few days back I successfully updated my CFP to the new firewall version via the update feature on the Miscellaneous Page. Everything is going smoothly with no problems.

However, yesterday after really looking at my CFP Summary page I noticed a space I hadn’t seem before under ‘Network Defense’. The blank space is located in the sentence: "The firewall has 11 intrusion attempt(s) so far.
Is there supposed to be a word in the blank space preceding 11? I am almost positive that the word ‘blocked’ used to be in that space before I updated.

This is a link to show what I am talking about: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-10/1084983/MWSnap005.gif

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That’s because you’re a victim of 120 DPI like me (:SAD).

This bug has been around since CIS started:

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Windows XP SP3 32bit, Comodo Internet Security and that’s it. :slight_smile: 120 DPI still has a few GUI issues in CIS, Below is an example Screen Shot. I’m sure also this was mentioned in previous betas/RC’s - Thought I would try 120 DPI out again and just let it lye here.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Most of the remaining ones are in the Summary screen, and one in the Defense+'s Advanced screen.


Thx. Merged Threads.

Isn’t QA supposed to catch stuff like this?


The bug is known and in queue for fixing.

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That’s good to know & thanks for letting us know. Cheers! :Beer

Hi dchernyakov,

[b]The bug is known and in queue for fixing[/b].

Music to my ears my friend. I appreciate your update on the subject. (:CLP)

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Good morning all,

I am just trying to follow-up on this issue that I responded to a few months back.

Has there been any headway in solving the 120 DPI issue and if so, does anyone have any idea when the update to correct it will be released?

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hopefully 10 February, A new release (update) is scheduled for that date.
It may very well fix this bug. As it contains many fixes.

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I appreciate the fast response and your information. (:CLP)

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The new final release doesn’t fix the 120 DPI issue in Summary page. Also, it adds few more GUI glitches which were catched in beta testing but has not been fixed in final release. Skipping the release candidate is a bad, bad idea ;D .

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I was reviewing some of my old posts and found this one about the 120 DPI issue.

Does anyone have any idea when this glitch will be fixed since it wasn’t included with the last update?

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I guess it will be fixed in CIS 4.0 which will include new GUI. It haven’t been confirmed that CIS 4.0 will fully support 120 DPI. Well, at least not officially but it would be weird if it doesn’t support 120 DPI ;).

Development Activities For Comodo Internet Security As Of February 2009

Morning fOrTy_7,

Okay … thanks for the quick response.

It isn’t the end of the world having this glitch but it just makes for ‘bad Eye Candy’ when looking at it.

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