100% Disk Usage

I installed CIS on Tuesday. Yesterday cavwp.exe took off like a bat out of hell reading double digit MB for over 2 hours, rendering my desktop useless. It is doing the same thing for the past hour this morning. I’m using my laptop to post this. This is not a scheduled scan. (who would schedule a scan during working hours?) Per the Task Scheduler, the default scans are scheduled for Monday & Thursday nights at 11:30 PM. Once a full scan has been done will this nonsense stop? I understand real time protection and have used AV software in the past that had real time protection, but, it never hogged the disk like this.

Can you check with the Tasks logs if around the time a scheduled scan was running or cache cleaner or cache builder?

Hi EricJH,

The same thing is happening this morning. The only scheduled scans are for Sunday & Thursday at 11:59 PM. I did not add any other scans to the schedule and if I would, they would be scheduled for after business hours. Cache Builder is set by default to run while the computer is idle. The task log shows that it completed the minute I opened an app on my computer this morning. There is no task for cache cleaner and it is not on the list of running processes. The common denominator is this. I leave my system running 24/7. It does not sleep or hibernate. When I come into my office in the morning there is no disk activity. I leave my Windows Mail and Windows Calendar apps open but Windows has a bad habit of closing them over night. The second I open Mail, cavwp.exe takes off like crazy. Now, cavwp.exe just stopped running (for now) which means it ran at 100% disk usage for almost an hour this morning. I have successfully found and corrected all Windows 10 bugs that cause high disk usage so the only one I’m still dealing with is cavwp.exe