100% Detection..

Read my previous posts (Mods are gonna get crazy if I say it again).
I believed on the statement 100% malware blocking and thats why I purchased months ago my license.
But it was not until a couple of days I found out CIS can be bypassed and you can get infected and loose your files. Sorry if I believed before that 100% blocking malware existed with CIS, I was so ignorant.

So now, I dont feel safe and I dont like that COMODO ignores my worries.
But yeah, thats life. Like I said, they have my money already and they dont care anymore…

On the bright side you now know that 1, 100% protection would be impossible for any product you bought and 2, you do have the $500 virus free guarantee which you wouldn’t have with the free version. You also get trust connect and the identity theft protection insurance. My only fear with that stuff is what hoops you would need to jump through to collect compensation if something does happen.

Its not bright once I discovered that big lie after I paid.
Upsets me even more when I know that COMODO will continue with this with other users.

I was never against the Guarantee, you can confirm this reading all my posts.
Still not available in my country yet (no documentation).

Its was working fine for a few days but now its not working anymore on my iMac.
I raised a support ticket and they told me “Sorry. We do support only for Windows Operation System”.
They support MAC OS with TrustConnect:

Still have the same problem. I will have to solve it myself somehow.

Service not available in my country, but I knew that when I purchased it.

I will definitely ask for my money if something happens.


Firstly, please get back on topic.

Secondly, everybody needs to pay more attention. You don’t actually get cold hard cash…

.. $500 Virus-Free Guarantee - if your PC gets infected by a virus after Comodo Internet Security Pro is properly installed and registered, our online support technicians will help to restore your PC to working condition. If we cannot restore your PC due to a virus infection, Comodo will cover up to $500 in repair costs using an authorized repair center. ..
[url=http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/internet-security-pro.php]source[/url] [comodo.com]

Thirdly, do not reply here to any of the above. PM me if you have any questions.


Continuing with the original post, check this out:

(4:12 - 4:28)

...You have to deploy a layered architecture. You have to have prevention, detection and cure in your security architecture for it to be a decent enough protection.
Is this description about CIS?
And you know what? [b]Even then there is no 100% security. 100% security does not exist...[/b]

1:15 - 1:25

And that is the weakness of the current system. You cannot have your first line of defense as detection only. You have to prevent it.

1:45 - 2:02
I build my virus[…]and then i test it to make sure that none of the AV products catch it. Only then I release it.ALL these new viruses[…] are not cut or detected by antivirus products

2:32 - 2:41
That is the problem. Protection does not exist to they WITH DETECTION ONLY mechanisms, you cannot provide protection

According to Egemen’s and Melih’s statement that AV is enough to prevent Gpcode/Blacday/full screening malware and I guess few other if we would discover them right now. :P0l

Can the two of you please change your posts and type out the quotes you are referring to. That makes communicating a lot easier!

I will repeat what I wrote earlier today:

Done. I could make some mistakes :slight_smile:

“100% security does not exist.”
that video statements are so ancient now.
because today we get:
-“100% Antivirus Protection From All Malware, Spyware, Viruses and Trojans”

-“Defense+ Technology: Breakthrough, Patent-Pending Technology That Eliminates the Possibility of Virus Infection”

-“Antivirus: Tracks Down and Destroys Any Existing Malware Hiding in Your PC” [(aka 100% detection)]

-“Default Deny Protection™ and Auto Sandbox Technology™ to COMPLETELY prevent infections

forget the past! we arrived in the future.

(note: the highlightings are my edit. apart from the word “COMPLETELY”)

What its COMODO doing to spread this settings that makes CIS “to be very strong by those who seek it”?
Is COMODO spreading this outside the forum to all CIS users that dont know about Egemans post?

Its the same as it was then as it is now (Prevention = Defense+; Detection = CAV; Cure = Guarantee).

COMODO still believes in that. You can still access this video declarations from their website (innovations):

i used “irony mode” combined with the official statements

LOL, just supporting your “ironie mode”… :wink:

Leading question!

I am not a Comodo employee; if that was the case you would see the Staff avatar with my name. I do not represent Comodo in any official way or form so I cannot and will not comment on that. A second reason is that you are about to start a flame.

It looks like finally Comodo its starting to listening our “voices for help”…

Egeman its on the move:

If they solve this situations we have been posting all over the forum, 100% malware blocking its back on the track with COMODO (Guaranteed!) :-TU :wink:

Does “we” include yourself in this mildly entertaining admission/confession of spamming? :wink:

I never doubted that egemen would not pick up on those. :slight_smile:

No, include other users that want that you are protected against latest threats, including those bypassing CIS sandbox.

You are very welcome.

Definitely took sometime, but at least they are looking into it already.
Hopefully they use this information to improve current v5.x of CIS (and not to wait until v.6).

100% protection… that would be something I will believe in again. :smiley:

Egeman post shows how serious COMODO is for a Company and how they really work hard for the protection of end-users:

BUT, still COMODO has something to learn, as any individual on this planet.
COMODO needs to know that we (end-users/forum users, etc) are in the battle field and we can detect when somethings its wrong with a protection product such as CIS.

Lab work and field work compliment each other. So you gotta listen to us COMODO, because we want you to succeed. If you succeed, we also succeed getting excellent products for defense. :wink:

I would definitely recommend you, COMODO, to go over the considerable numbered of posts that many well known users, with excellent reputation in the forum (not me included), that have being posting about the bypasses of malware and how to develop Defense+ better.

That way, we would have done our job, helping on creating a better product.
And COMODO will do its job and provide us for a better product. Its a circle of “trust”.

You are the closest company, in the whole world, to reach the 100% malware blocking. :wink: