100% cpu v3


i hope some one can help. im no computer wiz kid so please forgive any mistakes i make here.
recently my cpu usage has shot up to 100% at times slowing everything down. the reason why seems
to be cfp.exe…

why is this happening and how can i stop it. i would hate to have to get another fire wall as i like comono plus v3.
i have avast anti virus if that helps at all.


Hi ninjahamster26, welcome to the forums.

Can you confirm which version of CFP you have & your OS, thanks.

Does CFP.EXE run at 100% CPU constantly from the moment you boot or is it on & off?


the cpu goes up and down. it some times freezes at 100% and then goes down.

i have cfp version

im using windows xp professional s.p 2

Does it happen only when you’re making rules from an alert?

it tends to happen when im going from one web site to another, sometimes stalling i.e.
basically when ever it needs to do some thing, changing alerts included it goes up 100%.
i have no idea why its doing this, its begining to get worrying. loads of people have told me to get
zone alarm.

ninjahamster I get that problem on my windows 2000 pc. In xp it has worked ok soo far.