100% CPU usage

For a week now, my laptops cpu usage is always reaching 100%
My OS is windows vista home premium.
firewall is comodo.
anti-virus is avast.
anti-spyware is spyware doctor.

last week, spyware doctor had a false positive and i ended up deleting the infected file. but i didn’t know at that time that it was a false positive till after i deleted it.

C:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\hcw pp2.inf_b20be22e\hcwmsCP.ax

Spyware doctor detected this as Trojan.vapsup

sypware doctor has been no help lately…
can anyone please help me out?

try this until it can be fixed, it worked for me when I had a 100% cpu usage

1)restart the computer
2)keep hiiting the “F8” key until a new screen pops up <----this works for most computers
3)click on “last known good configuration” and see if it stops

IF it works, it’s only a band-aid until it can be fixed

don’t forget this

What process(es) are eating your CPU cycles?

Some of the process:


It’s just random.

I have no idea whats going on. I was wondering if there is a way to get that file that spyware doctor deleted back?

Does the cpu using 100% go away when you totally disable or temporarily uninstall spywaredoctor?

It still happens with spyware doctor out. I’m guessing it’s that file that SD deleted that’s causing the problem. Any idea on how I can get it back?

If the deleted file is a problem you would see an error in the Windows logs. They can be found under Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event viewer. Look under system related errors.

My gut thinks the erased file may not be the problem. I am not familiar with Spyware Doctor. Usually these programs have a service running that also needs to be disabled. Go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services and see if there is a service for Spyware Doctor there. When you find it select it → right click → Properties → change startup type to disabled → Ok. Now see what happens.

You could try doing a system restore to a point before you deleted the file.