100% CPU usage with "System" and/or "firefox.exe"

After patching to the latest version of CFP, I’m OFTEN having 100% CPU usage on the process System (Which cannot be terminated). Often if I have Firefox running in that time, it takes over and uses 100% CPU itself. I have no idea what changed, but it’s bugging me.

Never had any problem with any version before 2.4 (I’ve been using Comodo since around 2.1).

Programs that usually run in the background:

Spyware Terminator
Miranda IM

That’s pretty much it.

That is because of the DLL injection monitor. It is VERY important not to turn this off.
Try completely uninstalling this version and use the old .16 version until the next one:

Actually, I think that even after I turned DLL Injection Monitor off, it still was at 100%.

Hi bullhorn, long time no post. :wink: I think soyabeaner has suggested turning off all logging and see if it quits. For whatever reason this seems to be causing this in some people’s pcs.


Heh, I’m posting from time to time. :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, I’ll just go back to the version that worked best for me, 2.3, and wait for a fix.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Well, you mess with the BULL, you get the HORN. loll. Sorry to hear that you have to go back, unfortunately so do I due to other issues. They’ll get em’ fixed. :wink:

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I think you should try to reconfigure your Nod32 Anti-Virus not to scan the log files of Comodo

Here is a post how to:

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