100% cpu usage running chromium based browser

Whenever i run any chromium based browser cpu usage reaches 100% for atleast 10 secs. Even with Dragon.

Hi anuraag,
What process is using up your CPU?

cmdagent.exe approx 95%
It actually 40secs see attached pics

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you, I will move this to Install / Setup / Configuration Help - CIS and hope someone comes up with a solution for you.

I’ve got the same exact problem too. :o

No solution yet

anyway here is list of installed extensions if this helps

AutoPager Chrome
Bookolio 0.9.5
Cache 1.2
Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google) 3.9
Download Assistant 5.0.2
Flag for Chrome 0.4.1
Ghostery 3.0.0
Google Quick Scroll 1.82
Google Reader Notifier (by Google) 1.3.1
Image Properties Context Menu 0.7.5
LastPass 1.90.7
RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) 2.1.3
Screen Capture (by Google) 5.0.4
Search by Image (by Google) 1.1.1
AdBlock 2.5.29
Better History 1.6.0
Bookmark Buttons Startpage 1.2.2
Bookmark Sentry 1.6.6
Chrome Toolbox (by Google) 1.0.29
ChromeAccess 1.6
Extensions Manager (aka Switcher)
FastestChrome - Browse Faster 6.2.0
Google Similar Pages beta (by Google)
Google Translate
Highlight to Search 1.0.36
imgur 1.1.1
Incredible StartPage - Productive Start Page for Chrome! 1.4.3
Mini Notepad 5.0.1
Ultimate New Tab 0.6.1

Do all your Chromium based browsers have this many extensions on board. Does the same thing happen when you start the browsers with extensions disabled?

Had the same issue.
Adding chrome.exe to antivirus exclusions solved the problem.