100% CPU usage for an hour at random times

Once a day my computer become completely bogged down. I open my task manage and it says that cmdagent.exe is using nearly 100% of my CPU. Hard drive activity is also increased. This lasts anywhere between 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

I don’t know what it’s doing or how to schedule it or stop it. I can’t even detect a pattern so that I can avoid using the computer at this time.
I’m often working for clients when this happens and have to stop. If I happen to be playing a game when it happens it’s takes forever just to stop the game, sometimes just crashing the game.

I’d prefer it to not do whatever it’s doing that makes me not be able to use my computer. If not that then perhaps schedule for onc a week at one of the few hours I’m not likely to be at the computer.

See if disabling Run cache builder when computer is idle helps here.

It will start when the system is idling but once it starts running it won’t stop when system activity starts.

Wow, what a resource hog to reduce resource hogging…
But at least just 100% cpu each day. Could be more…

I posted a question trying to help and as a start of a more extensive process when needed. Please stay on topic.