100% cpu by cfp.exe on startup and usb drive usage

I am using Comodo Firewall (CFW) v on XP Pro SP3, 2.8ghz pentium with 2gb ram.
D+=Clean pc Mode. Firewall=Train with Safe Mode.

  1. At system startup, CFP.exe consumes 80-100% CPU for about 30 sec to 60 sec then 30-60% for another 30-60 sec. This slows bootup significently! What does CFW have to do that uses so much of the CPU and highly SLOWs bootup? (it seems to get worse with every CFW update).

  2. When I try to run portable apps from my USB jumpdrive, I get asked permission;I OK that;then cfp.exe uses 100% cpu for upwards of three minutes;I get another permission request;I ok again;then cfp.exe uses 100% cpu for upwards of three minutes AGAIN; THEN the program runs ok. What the heck is CFW doing for all that time that blocks my whole system??

Please Help!


Hey Donald. Welcome to the forums.

This might be a security software conflict, You can please provide your Security applications installed on your computer and your OS.

Hey there Donald,
Sorry to hear about your jam-up, friend, and want to apologize in advance as I don’t necessarily have a solution for ya. However, I do have the same setup [v on XP Pro SP3, 2.8ghz with 2gb ram] and know that mine has run smoothly for some time now - so there’s surely a fix.
Surely a more knowledgeable person than myself will be along shortly…

Curious, are you logging any events - either FW or D+ - during these freezes? Perhaps there’s a clue to be found there?

[edit: whoops, see I meant it]

The only security application installed on my computer is Comodo Firewall.
Windows firewall has been disabled.

So your nor running an anti virus? When is the last time you ran a test to see if your infected? Have you check for spyware also?

I do a virus and spyware scan daily. I just don’t have have them running in the background using cpu and resources.


Just about any of today’s av’s don’t use resources. I use NOD32 and its great. Also Avast is great. You do not need a real time spyware scanner since most av’s cover that. Running without an av is not a good idea. You have a good processor and plenty of ram so I dont understand why your worried about resources. Have you tried running D+ in training mode for a bit? I can surf,listen to MP3’s,watch Video’s and still have NOD32 and Comodo running under a Sandbox with no slow downs.

I can do all those things too, with no problem.
The massive cpu usage occurrs, as I stated, at startup and when I run any app from my usb jump drive.


Have you tried putting D+ in training mode and inserting your stick?

I use the av webscanner and it crashed several times on my vista machine and on my xp machine…

ooh well, it is still a work in progress… (:WIN)