Hi everyone,

Just registered and wanted to say a big hello from the 100,000th member of the forum ! :-TU

(:WAV) Welcome to the forums h12fjk… or should I say 100k? :slight_smile:

You’re the winner!! COMODO has been generous enough to give a prize out for the 100,000th register:

A 100% FREE-For-Life Comodo Internet Security Premium Internet Security Suite!

Congrats. :slight_smile:


Congrats h12fjk!!!

Welcome to Comodo forums, our 100,000th member :slight_smile:


You are really the 100865th member, it is just that previous member accounts have been deleted. :stuck_out_tongue:

This person is the 100000th I think: https://forums.comodo.com/profiles/Gertie-u100000.html

I’m sure you can already tell what type of person I am…one who likes to ruin things for others. ;D But don’t let it bother you. O0

1st indeed - Congratulations h12fjk!!!

Then, 100.000 forum members!

As I was saying repeatedly - this forum is impossible!
… to read …
… I mean to read it all :smiley:

Now back to LaserWraith

Who in sober mind does not know that… even if you would not reply here ;D hehehe!

Was it you under that name specifically counting & creating another account in order to be 100.000? :smiley: - I have no doubts, but seriously where can you see the sequential number if any?


welcome (:HUG)

100k members, all male >_<

Hey Ganda !
Are you just seeing only males around here or h12fjk specifically PMed you personally about a gender? ;D

have you received all 100k ■■■ from males only? :smiley:

Lies. I’m really the 100,000th member!

Welcome to forums, 100k…

To laserwraith…i have no doubt u r born-nosey-bully…

Well if h12fjk is 100,000th then we are not counting all the people who have deleted their accounts, some of which were good active members (and some cough deleted and recreated accounts over time).

Actually I’m a quiet easy-going person (in real life… virtuality can make you feel bold :P).

That was the point … I’m not sure that there is anything “easy” about you, man ;D

I’m trying to figure out if that was a negative comment or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what about “False Positive”? go figure! & consider that :stuck_out_tongue:
Is the latter good or bad? … the latter is rather extremely bad rather than good … go figure again
and Comodo’s high rate of FP’s is just ridicules, isn’t it?
Whatever negatives you can find in my reply should not bother you … be happy! & smile! :wink:
because at the end of the day … the only thing you have to do is dropping any security and have decent recovery partition & respective Tools / decent Backup / Snapshots (I don’t mean CTM… hope you understand that) … relax & enjoy!

That’s only us - 100k & more freaks are just crazy & loving having deal with “security” & chat ;D


So anyway, it looks like things got a bit !ot!.

I’d just like to say congratulations and I will chip in to get you your

Thank you for the warm welcome… You all seem like a nice bunch. :-TU

I don’t use the AV (or sandbox) so I don’t get FPs.

I’m not ready to drop any security…the firewall is useful for limiting apps, and D+ for apps I’m a bit suspicious about. :slight_smile:

GFI Backup Free (formerly Titan Backup) does a good job.