10 pc Network With Comodo Firewall need help please

Hi and Thanks in advance everyone, I have a 10 pc Network With Comodo Firewall .
(A newbee I am) and wish to Block all Incoming internet everything, but still wish outbound internet as well as my pcs accessing our server and each other .any easy way to set this up?
The networks is up and running fine, as is my internet, but I just instated Comodo and had to do a quick uninstall as it locked out all pcs on my network. I can do this after hours but your help is greatly appreciated in advance,
God Bless

Welcome to the forum.

Would you mind providing a few more details please:

  1. Operating System used on PCs
  2. Version of CIS and modules installed (firewall/HIPS/AV…)
  3. If Windows 7/8, are you using Homegroups
  4. Do you need to support media services from your server
  5. Any p2p applications
  6. Any requirement for remote administration.

As you have quite a few PCs you might want to consider using Endpoint Security Manager 3 It’s free up to 10 licences.

Thanks Radaghast,
I will download the endpoint now, looks like what O’m looking for
God Bless