10 GB free storage space for Comodo Online Storage

Please give me an invitations. Thank you!

I would appreciate an invitational! My email is razfam01@verizon.net



I’ve been using cis for quite a long time, but I come across CB recently. I found CB is quite a convenient tool to backup my important files. It’s an honor and pleasure to get a online storage for such a good software!

Thanks, and have a nice day!

P.S. my email address is:

received, thanks a lot!


I would like to receive an invitation to Comodo Online Storage.

My email is vargoline@netcabo.pt


May I please have an invite too? My profile email is fine to use.



I too would appreciate an invitation if possible. My profile email is OK to use.

Thanks in anticipation.

Invitations sent.
You can provide feedback here: https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-online-backup-cob/comodo-online-storage-wishlist-t69446.0.html


Hi, if there are any invitations still available it would be appreciated if I could be sent one.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards

Hello,(sorry for my poor english)

Thank for this offer!
Can i have a invitation for comodo online storage?!
My email is in my profile

thank you very much.

Yes please, but many other companies are offering 2-5GB free :wink:

This thread should be locked/moved if no longer done, I do not think they do this anymore? And, as pointed out by cavehomme, others offer more for free now.

We check this topic daily or every few days.


I just received my 1GB one year trial, that’s very nice, thanks. :■■■■

Oh sorry, it’s still active then… Emanuel… (such a nice name when I say it back to myself ) well I’m lucky enough to have access to more space, and will make use of it in due course…

hi! i would like an invite sent to peter.saltin@gmail.com.

Best Regards



I would appreciate an Online Storage space please


Many thanks

Please send me an invitation

thank you

I would like to request the online storage. Use my email in Profile! Thank You!

Can I have the online storage please.